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Does using a messenger service improve how much business you get from your website?

The way in which law firms acquire clients has dramatically changed in recent years. When just a decade ago, you no doubt acquired most of your clients by word of mouth, or because they saw your office near where they live or work, the digital revolution has meant that nowadays, the internet can be your best source of business. However, customers have greater choice than ever before and can quickly compare firms and their offering online. So how do you make sure your customer chooses you? As well as building trust and confidence, you also need to make it as easy as possible for your customer to get in contact you. Friends Legal, personal injury lawyers Reading have utilised a ‘messenger service’ prompting site visitors to message the firm. But how can this assist in getting business? This post looks at three reasons your firm should take advantage of message services or enquiry forms.

Mobile first

Your potential clients are doing more and more of their admin on the go – and that includes finding a lawyer. Whether on the train, waiting for an appointment or simply on their lunch break at work, when clients come across your website, it’s not always convenient for a call. Having the option to send a message, captures more clients when they are browsing your site, wherever they are.

Client expectation

Modern client expectation is to be able to carry out a transaction with as little human interaction as possible. We can now order anything we like at the touch of the button, so why not a lawyer too? Prompting clients to send a message shows that your firm is modern and straightforward to deal with, which appeals to the younger and contemporary consumer.

No commitment

Allowing potential clients to send a message as opposed to calling, gives the person the opportunity to outline their circumstances, and make a speculative enquiry. It feels less committal than speaking to someone on the phone. This is an easy way of capturing your customer slightly earlier in their ‘customer journey’ than you would with only allowing them the option of calling you.

These are just a few of the reasons why all firms should consider implementing a messaging service or contact form on your site, but there are also many more practical benefits, particularly if you are too busy with enquiries to answer the phone.