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Helping you connect with Customer Service

Interact is a youth-led organisation bringing together people from all faiths, beliefs and cultural backgrounds. Interact’s aim is to build a cohesive society where diversity is valued and celebrated. This is achieved by creating opportunities for face-to-face dialogue through side-by-side action, building respect and understanding through interaction. Based in London, Interact run skills-based learning projects in the arts, media, politics and the environment on a local, national and international level. Projects provide a platform for young individuals to engage with the wider community and encourage active and responsible citizenship.

Given today’s diverse social landscape, it is vital that communities find ways to communicate effectively and work well together, for the common good. Interact focus on common passions to foster dialogue and share knowledge, building understanding and respect of different traditions and practices through shared experience. They provide mentoring opportunities from experts pertaining to various fields (arts, media, politics) and work to reach those from disadvantaged communities, in order to enhance skill development.

Interact provide a simple but effective service called Consumer Connect which aims to make it easier and less frustrating for customers who have a preference or a genuine need to speak to a real staff member to do so.

Companies design their websites, apps and print material in a way that deters customers from contacting them via telephone to lighten their call-load and encourage (or frustrate) consumers into finding answers to their questions, and solutions to their problems, online or via email. This is all in an attempt to reduce company costs. Consumer Connect clearly lists customer service contact numbers for government agencies and across many different industries including telecoms companies, broadband and digital TV providers, banks and building societies, ticket and entertainment agencies, travel agencies & airlines, online shopping retailers, insurance companies, and courier services