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The most common road traffic offences

Criminal lawyers Glasgow and Criminal lawyers Inverness see many things in the office, and one of the major things needing to be dealt with is based see injury or damage caused by road traffic offences. Many of us may even commit these offences without even realising it, and with this being true it can be useful to take the time to think about the kinds of offenses that are the most common – and we have put together a list for you.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, right at the top of the most common traffic offences is speeding. Many motorists admit that they have been guilty of speeding at least once in the past, with half admitting to speeding on the motorway. While many may not think that speeding is an issue, around a quarter of all deaths on the road are caused by speeding, meaning that choosing to travel a few miles per hour over the limit could be much more dangerous than you might have thought.


Although most people know how dangerous drink-driving can actually be, it is still a fact that more than 100,000 people in the UK alone fail a roadside breathalyser test each year. In addition to this, there are more than 3,000 incidents that are thought to be directly caused by drink-driving. It is always important to understand the limits when it comes to having a drink when you are going to take the wheel later in the day, because the risks, and the penalties, are severe. If you are found guilty of driving while under the influence of alcohol, you could be fined, banned from driving, or even given a prison sentence depending on the severity of your offence.

Using your phone while driving

Although almost everybody knows the risks of doing so, many people still choose to use their mobile phones while behind the wheel of a vehicle. More than half a million drivers are caught doing exactly this each year, however stricter penalties that have been put in place recently are expected to improve these numbers greatly.

Failing to put correct insurance in place

Thanks to the fact that it can end up costing so much money, this is one of the offences that is thought to be the most severe of all. This is shown in the penalties that you can receive if you are found guilty, which include 8 points, a £5,000 fine, or even a disqualification from driving for a certain amount of time. Research has shown that cost is a key reason to fail to organise insurance, with many drivers knowing that any fine they may have to pay if they are discovered would be less than the premium being quoted by their potential insurers.

Failing to stop after an accident

If you are in any kind of accident on the road, no matter how small, you have a legal duty to stop and exchange insurance details – or wait for the police to attend if there have been injuries. Despite this, many drivers choose not to wait, and this could incur 10 points and a £2,500 fine – or worse if the accident resulted in severe injury or death.

The majority of motoring offences can be avoided by using simple common sense. When you think about how quickly things can change when you are on the road, it is important to abide by all laws and guidelines, as this gives you the best possible chance of completing a safe journey. If you’re not sure about exactly what all of the laws of the road are, it may be a great idea to obtain an up to date copy of the highway code, to give you all of the information that you need.

Why you should hire a motoring lawyer if you have been caught speeding

Speeding is the most common driving offence in England and Wales, with more than 159,000 drivers being caught driving over the speed limit in 2015. The penalties range from a £100 fine and three points on the driver’s licence to a £2,500 fine and a lengthy ban. There’s also the option to attend a speed awareness course – at the driver’s own expense.

The UK’s speed limits

In built-up areas the speed limit is 30mph but more and more urban areas impose a 20mph speed limit. On single carriageways the limit is 60mph and on dual carriageways and motorways it’s 70mph unless there’s a clear sign saying otherwise.

There’s the right to challenge the allegation, of course, but this usually means hiring a strong legal team like to navigate the subtleties of UK law.

Why you should use a lawyer

It is never advisable to attend Court unrepresented. Human nature dictates that corners are often cut when it comes to evidence and procedure and without an expert in this often complicated area of law, you will lose the chance to use it to your advantage. There is a much greater risk of the Court misapplying the law when it comes to unrepresented defendants, so that you are wrongfully convicted or receive a harsher sentence than you would have done if you had a solicitor. You need expert knowledge and experience and that comes from a genuine specialist.

Those three points may seem relatively harmless at first glance but if you reach 12 you will be facing the possibility of a 6 month ban which could have a catastrophic effect on your livelihood and family. If you need a clean driving licence for your job you’ll be very worried, and if you face losing your licence, it could mean unemployment. Bringing a legal team on board to argue in court for you will almost certainly help you.

If you believe you’re being wrongly accused

If you plan to contest your speeding charge you can’t do it by yourself as you simply won’t have the training or knowledge. It can be a scary process, taking on the prosecution, which is why you shouldn’t do it alone. With lawyers, you’ll have someone confident, knowledgeable and experienced in your corner.

If you were speeding

If you’re planning to plead guilty and there’s enough evidence against you to secure a conviction, you still have options that can reduce the penalties or the ban. Lessening the severity of the punishment can help you to retain your job and keep your family financially supported.

You could have your case dismissed altogether

If your legal team can spot a flaw in the prosecution case then they can get your case dismissed. The police may not have followed procedures properly, or the speed camera could have been wrong (it has been known). If it’s your job and your family security on the line, why wouldn’t you give it a shot?