Making a will: why it’s not just for older people

You may have plans for your estate after you pass away, but unless you have a will, there is no guarantee your wishes will be adhered to. Making a will is about more than just ensuring your assets are distributed the way you want after you’re gone – it’s also about providing for your loved […]

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Why you should make sure your will is in order

Although creating a will can be a lengthy process, and it might be something that you have put to the back of your mind, it’s an important document and it is the only way to ensure your property, money and other assets are going to the right place once you have passed away. Not only […]

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Wills: the facts and figures

The number of people writing wills has increased in recent years – with 48 percent of adult respondents to a survey saying they have written a will, which is good news. The survey, carried out in 2014 by Lightspeed Research for the charity Will Aid, surveyed some 2,250 people aged 25 to 84 and from […]

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