NHS staff sue NHS Grampian for stress after injury from used needles

Twelve NHS staff workers have sued NHS Grampian claiming compensation for the stressed caused to them and their families having sustained injuries when handling used needles.  Staff waited for months not knowing if they had suffered from HIV or other illnesses such as Hepatitis C following their injury. Details on the case can be seen the Press and Journal website.

Compensation awarded

The workers took legal action due to the stressful nature of their injuries. NHS Grampian confirmed that compensation was awarded due to the stress that workers had to endure when they waited for their results.

Despite all staff being given the all clear regarding any long term effects from the injuries, the NHS confirmed that compensation had been awarded. While the NHS take as many precautions as possible, accidents still occur and people get injured by used needles. Strict precautions are in place to dispose of used needles. However if any are misplaced or disposed of in the incorrect fashion it can lead to lasting issues.

The stress and worry caused can be life changing, and we believe that if this is the case you should be rewarded compensation. Indeed, if you are injured in your workplace or suffering from stress and anxiety as a result of a workplace accident, we believe you have the right to claim compensation.

Needlestick injuries

Not only does the injured victim have to suffer the superficial injuries of being pricked by a needle, but they need to go through the worry of waiting to find out if they have contracted any other illness.

Cleaners, health staff and many others are at risk of needlestick injuries, which are often caused as a result of needles not being disposed of properly. Worryingly, however, needles can be found in many places from public toilets to bin bags with almost anyone at risk of needlestick.

There are ways to prevent needlestick injuries, such as the introduction of hypodermic needle and special needle only bins. Furthermore, employers are expected to offer the correct training to ensure the safe disposal of needles. No one should be expected to get rid of a needle unless they have been trained or properly informed of the procedure. While needlestick injuries are thankfully not too common, they do provide a large amount of risk to certain workers, especially in the health service.

What can you claim for in the workplace?

It is imperative to know what you are entitled to claim for in the event of an accident, as your employer’s duty of care extends to many aspects of work.

Not only are employers supposed to ensure you are safe in your workplace in regard to working conditions and safety equipment, but they also must protect you in regards to training. If your work environment is unsafe, or if you are undertrained for your role and injured as a result, your employer is failing in their duty of care, and you may be able to claim compensation.

While many injuries occur immediately after an accident, employers can be held accountable for any other injuries that you sustain as a result of your employment.

If you are unable to work because of your injury, you have the right to hold your employer to account. They will not be able to dismiss you as it would result in an unfair dismissal that you could also take legal action against.

Whether it be sick pay or a loss of income, if you have been involved in an accident in the workplace, our team of personal injury lawyers will strive to get you as much compensation as possible. If your work has been responsible for injuring you and you are missing out on employment, as a result, can you really afford not to claim compensation?

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Anyone can claim compensation if they have been injured in an accident in the workplace that was not their fault. Regardless of whether it is the stress of whether an illness has been transmitted having been the victim of a needlestick injury, or if it is injury through a fall from height or use of dangerous equipment, if your employer failed in their duty of care, we can seek the compensation you deserve.