The top ways to market your law firm online

Today, digital advertising is one of, if not the best way to get excellent reach and connectivity with your potential clients. The legal profession can be very demanding, requiring lawyers to invest most of their energy and efforts into getting the job done. However, there are several benefits to be had by investing in engaging people online.

The main aim of online marketing for lawyers is to establish a strong online presence that allows them to grow their business and develop strong client relationships. Utilizing online platforms gives lawyers a better chance at engaging with new clients, establishing credibility and reaching a larger audience. Making use of as many digital marketing resources as possible can provide law firms with a platform to showcase their services and improve client outreach. So, what does your law firm need to have a strong online presence?

An informative website

First of all, you can’t have much of an online presence if you don’t have an informative website. Your website is right at the center of your online presence and most of the content that you post online will be linked back to it. And, your potential clients will expect you to have a website where they can find out more about what you do and get contact information if needed. A good law firm website should be straightforward and easy to use with great content for attracting and engaging the target audience.

Business blog

A blog on your law firm website is one of the best ways to showcase your legal knowledge and expertise along with creating more webpages for search engines to index. When a prospective client is looking for a potential new law firm online, one of the first things that they are going to do is collect as much information as they can to find the answers to their questions. By maintaining an active blog that focuses on your particular area of practice, you can get more clients by showcasing your knowledge and establish a sense of trust in your clients. After all, people who need a lawyer are looking for somebody who knows what they are talking about.

Social media

Today, most people use social media on a daily basis and this makes it one of the best ways for your law firm to generate leads and reach out to potential clients online. While law firms might still have some catching up to do when it comes to social media use compared to other industries, this could be good news for your firm since it means that you have a better chance of utilizing social media to get ahead of your competition.

Maintaining a strong presence on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Instagram provides your firm with a larger reach and allows you to reach wider and more varied target audience with a range of interests and needs. If your law firm targets the younger generation, a social media platform is an essential part of marketing. The law firm marketing consultants at 12AM Agency can help with all aspects of law firm digital marketing including putting together a social media strategy. If you’re not sure how to get started, these marketing consultants can put you on the right track.

Marketing emails

When it comes to law firm marketing, email marketing offers the best results when compared to other forms of digital media. Including a sign-up form on your website to encourage your visitors and potential clients to sign up for an email newsletter is one of the most effective methods of keeping them engaged with the latest news from your firm and address legal questions that your target audience might be looking for the answers to.

Free downloadables

Another way to ensure that your law firm stands out from the crowd online by providing potential clients with the information that they are looking for is to offer downloadable guides and information. This can be an ideal option for encouraging potential clients to sign up for your email newsletter by offering something in return. Depending on what your legal firm specializes in, you could offer guides or white papers on topics such as the legal process of starting a business, what to do if you are accused of or arrested for a crime that you have not committed, navigating child custody cases, or even simply the benefits of hiring a solicitor. These can be very useful for providing potential clients with helpful information and improve their understanding of various legal issues, while helping to further strengthen your online presence.

Digital marketing is typically the go-to method of advertising any company today, but law firms are still falling behind compared to other industries. But establishing and maintaining a strong online presence is crucial to beating your competition and achieving success in your industry.