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What a silly question, you may be thinking; everyone has to have a website these days. Well yes, everyone has to have to have the basic details of the organisation online, with contact details and something which looks nice. But beyond that?

For many years, I have had a section about the Bar on my own website, at where I provide basic details of several hundred chambers who have told me about their website and given me some information about their organisation. I looked through these recently, to remove the ones no longer in existence, and asked the others to provide updates to their descriptions which many (not all) have done. At the same time, I looked at the websites and tried to work out what they are trying to do with their site.

Matrix Chambers has launched a new website to accompany our sister brand, Matrix International. The new brand works alongside our domestic reputation and is designed to promote the international work we do. The site, at, was launched in September and is complemented by a Twitter account and interviews available on our dedicated Vimeo channel.

Leaving the production of profiles to the barristers themselves is a formula for slow progress at best and will probably produce a set of CVs with no overall style or direction.

Many chambers provide useful resources on their web sites but most are a bit “occasional” in style. However, there are a few who have committed themselves to providing fully researched and managed ongoing resources which can be seen as a major free legal resource.

Covering e-publishing, podcasts, various types of partnerships you can set up, social networking, blogs, text messaging, web awards, banner advertising, pay-per-click and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Online news and e-marketing are generally neglected by the Bar. Most Bar websites are static brochures, and emails about seminars mark the limit of other e-marketing. For chambers with the motivation, there is therefore plenty of opportunity to stand out.

Most legal blogs in the UK are written by solicitors – perhaps this is just because there are more solicitors than barristers or perhaps also there are particular personality traits required to be a blogger! However, there is still a good variety of blogs from barristers available, described below, and probably there will be quite a few more in the months to come.

The new Legal Resources section on our website are an attempt to really capitalise on the expertise available in a large chambers such as ours and present it in a way that directly reflects and promotes the work we do.

In the e-book with CPD “Changing Practice for Barristers” by Nick Holmes and me, I asked which two of the sites provided by individual barristers the people taking the course (themselves largely barristers) found most useful. Nearly 100 people have now taken this course. Here are the sites I asked them to look at, together (in light hearted mode) with the number of “Votes” received by each:

One of the most significant developments in the provision of legal information online over the last few years is the extensive – free – information now being made available by chambers and individual barristers on their web sites. This article reports on the results of Delia’s survey on the most popular sites.