Author: Chris Hadrill

Chris Hadrill is a specialist employment solicitor and a partner at Redmans Solicitors. He is responsible, among other things, for marketing at the firm. Email Twitter @chrishads.

The virtual law firm three years on

More than three years ago I wrote an article for this Newsletter extolling (in the main) the benefits of using a virtual approach to working in the digital age by virtualising legal services. The last three years have seen a further embedding of virtual law firms in the legal marketplace, with Keystone Law becoming a […]

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The best of both – bricks and mortar and virtual

The coming of the much-vaunted information age, improvements in digital and internet technology, and the increasing requirement for law firms to diversify and innovate over the last ten years has led to a series of interesting experiments in business models for lawyers. Law firms (as demonstrated by the success of such firms as Excello Law, […]

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