Author: Chrysilla de Vere

Chrysilla de Vere is the Commercial partner at Clarkslegal, specialising in privacy and data protection. Email Twitter @Clarkslegal.

Police use of facial recognition

The Court of Appeal recently handed down its decision in the case of R v Bridges [2020] EWCA Civ 1058, the first case of its kind in the world dealing with law enforcement use of live facial recognition.  Live automated facial recognition (AFR) is a technology that is overlaid onto facial images in real time. […]

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What happens to my data?

Increasingly, the information we need and use every day is stored, accessed and controlled online. We have become accustomed to the convenience and efficiency of being able to access significant swathes of information about ourselves, our business and the world at the tap of a button. Many of us accept that such convenience comes at […]

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Facial recognition in public spaces

Live facial recognition technology or automatic facial recognition (AFR) adds another dimension to CCTV monitoring and other surveillance methods. Using biometrics (certain physical and physiological features), the technology can map facial features to identify particular individuals by matching these with a database of known faces. This technology has been in use for some years by […]

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