Author: Robin Chesterman

Robin Chesterman is Head of Product at Justis. He studied law at Bristol University before joining Justis as a developer in 2009. His main area of interest is how data science methodologies can be applied to legal content to facilitate better research.

Bringing order to chaos – the importance of unreported judgments

“Every decision is binding no matter whether it is reported in the regular series of Law Reports, or is unreported. Once you have the transcript, you can cite it as of equal authority to a reported decision. It behoves every counsel or solicitor to find, if he can, a case – reported or unreported – […]

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The building blocks for more intelligent legal research

We live in a world of facial recognition, genome sequencing, and automatic fraud detection. You can talk to your phone out loud have it translate your words into any language you like. Your car can drive itself (almost …). That is to say – the machines are getting clever. Very clever indeed. Tasks previously thought […]

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