Author: Will Richmond-Coggan

Will Richmond-Coggan is a director in the IT & Data team at Freeths Solicitors, specialising in contentious and non-contentious data protection and technology issues. Email Twitter @Tech_Litig8or.

Mutant algorithms: who is to blame?

Most would agree that it has been a year that feels like it was drawn from the storyline of a particularly lurid B-movie. Even by those standards, though, the comment “I am afraid your grades were almost derailed by a mutant algorithm” was one that stood out, painting a picture of Britain’s youth falling victim to some out of control, unaccountable, technological mystery.

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Encryption: security v privacy

In August 2015, a British journalist and cameraman were travelling in Turkey, making a documentary for Vice News. As is often the case, they were working with a local agent, a “fixer” who was responsible for getting them access to the locations and subjects they wanted to include in their documentary. All three were arrested […]

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Understanding algorithms

On Urban Dictionary “algorithm” is defined as “a word used by programmers when they don’t want to explain what they did.” As the pace of practical AI adoption increases, there is increasing truth in the joke. Someone who wants to understand this new technology, how it works and how it might be controlled or improved […]

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