Adapted from Binary by Michael Coghlan

Are you (digitally) competent?

With Natasha Choolhun The Solicitors Regulation Authority is undergoing a programme of education and training reform, “Training for Tomorrow”, following the Legal and Education Training Review (LETR). As part of the reforms the SRA are developing a competence statement for solicitors to inform consumers, assist legal education providers in developing courses and allow solicitors to […]

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Changes to CPD for 2015

Thanks to all those who earned some or most of their 2014 CPD with us recently. As solicitors should by now be aware, the SRA is moving towards a new approach to continuing competence. You can continue to record 16 hours CPD annually for relevant activity (accreditation is no longer an issue) until October 2016, […]

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Legal Web Watch November 2014

Do lawyers need to be digitally competent? I ask this because I have been looking into the future for CPD in the two professions. Both are moving away from measuring CPD hours towards systems based on self-certified continuing competence. The SRA is more advanced and has issued a Draft Competence Statement for consultation with a […]

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Irish Law Society allows first online CPD

First CPD is a new website for Irish Lawyers providing CPD online. The concept of obtaining CPD online has only just been approved by the Irish Law Society and even now it only allows 2 of the 10 hours requirement to be obtained online. However, Irish independent publisher Bart Daly, who runs First Law, which […]

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