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By Stephen Mason and George Weir

To ask the right questions of digital evidence professionals when instructing them, it is incumbent on the lawyer to be aware of what questions to ask. Here we describe the various mechanisms by which evidence in electronic form is adduced into legal proceedings via the worldwide web and internet.

Electronic signatures and electronic evidence are central to our lives; we all use technology.

At present, there is no agreed term relating to the form of evidence that comes from our use of technology: specifically, software. For the sake of shorthand, the words “electronic” and “digital” are used interchangeably.

Evidence in digital format appears in every area of law, and whether you only deal with family matters, or crime, or housing, or legal negligence or wills, you will be expected to advise your client in relation to digital evidence. There is at least one case, if not more, on digital evidence that affects each of these areas.