Day: December 11, 2017

What can you legally do to find someone in the UK?

There may be a time in your life when you have to track someone down. This could be for personal reasons or for legal reasons i.e. a court case. You may just want to snoop around and be nosey! Whatever the reason, you should be aware of what you can legally do to find someone, […]

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ONS reports highest number of road deaths since 2011 – claims for compensation rising too

According to the ONS, a total of 1,792 road deaths were reported in 2016, a rise of 4% compared with those in 2015; the highest figure since 2011. There was a 44% drop in fatalities during 2016 in comparison with 2006. Personal injury claims as a result of road traffic accidents are on the increase, […]

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Watch out for changes to how we use notices of intention and validation orders

For years, companies have been able to legally stall or alter insolvency proceedings using notices of intention or validation orders. However, recent cases suggest that the way in which these two solutions are used is about to change. Here, we’ll explore how we use notices of intention and validation orders at present. Then, we’ll analyse […]

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