How to stand out as a forward-thinking lawyer (Wilford Smith Insights)

Getting ahead in the legal sector can be challenging. With greater competition than ever before and technology creating a broader range of career paths, how can you ensure you stand out from your competitors? In particular, becoming a forward-thinking lawyer with ideas about how the legal sector can adapt to modern technology and become more […]

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Wilford Smith: A modern law firm incorporating new internet technologies

With continuous changes and evolution taking place in the legal sector, and numerous challenges facing law firms who carry out their business in a “traditional” manner, Wilford Smith has chosen to position itself at the forefront of legal technology to provide a superior service to our clients. We have chosen to utilise modern internet strategies […]

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Cloud benefits attract law firms

The significant financial benefits of adopting cloud applications, software and infrastructure are encouraging more and more law firms to move to the cloud.Cloud computing is a non-traditional, cutting edge technology. At first glance, it’s not a perfect strategy for the legal industry. Law firms a reputation for being traditional and risk averse. But now many […]

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