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What is RSS?

RSS is a way to subscribe to latest update feeds from websites. You find RSS (or Atom) data feeds wherever you see the little orange feed icon pictured (or similar). Pop the feed URL in your reader and you automatically get fed new headlines and meta data (author, date, subject, summary and maybe full text), […]

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What’s in Lawfeeder?

Here’s what we have on Lawfeeder as of September 2022. We will continually be researching and adding new resources and will update this page from time to time. Legislation We’ve included feeds for all new primary and secondary legislation for the four national assemblies from You’ll find these listed on their New page. The […]

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Welcome to Lawfeeder

Welcome to Lawfeeder, a new infolaw subsite that delivers to you UK legal updates 24/7 using RSS. It represents a redevelopment of the Law Blogs and Law Updates sections of infolaw Lawfinder, which is now in abeyance. Thanks to Robert Casalis de Pury at Unirom whose team developed Lawfinder for us 20 years ago and […]

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