Month: April 2022

The Online Safety Bill – the quest for clarity continues

In a June 2021 article in the Newsletter I looked at the then-current draft of the Online Safety Bill, providing a general overview of the government’s aims in putting forward that draft legislation and considering the challenges presented by some central points of uncertainty at the heart of the bill. Since that time, there have […]

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Open case law is here at last

From today judgments of the superior courts of England and Wales have a new, official home at The National Archives (TNA) which has now taken over the HMCTS publishing contract from BAILII. The Case Law website at is dubbed an “Alpha”. Essentially it is a work in progress and it is best not to […]

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Restricting the internet

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and the subsequent imposition of a wide array of sanctions by Western governments and companies, has raised the prospect of Russia essentially unplugging itself from the global internet. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has refused calls to revoke Russia’s top-level domains and Secure Sockets Layer […]

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