Author: Catherine Bailey

Catherine Bailey is Managing Director of Bar Marketing, specialist marketing consultants for barristers’ chambers.

Completing legal directory submissions for the Bar

The legal directory industry shows no sign of decline. With the advent of the internet it would have been reasonable to expect the directories business to fade away as more people took to search engines to find their preferred counsel. However, the directories have embraced the internet by providing online versions with relevant information and […]

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The 5 best free digital marketing tools

Digital marketing plays a major role in marketing today alongside traditional methods. Unlike traditional channels, digital marketing allows marketers to target and track campaign successes with accuracy. After all, how can you truly know how many readers have seen your advert in a printed trade publication or how many recipients have opened your postal mailshot? […]

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Getting to know Google Analytics

Creating a website for your firm or chambers demands time, patience and persistence. You have to get the right structure, with easy navigation, straightforward calls to action and compelling content. Even when the site is fully operational, it is no time to sit back and enjoy your handiwork. You need to know if the site […]

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Event planning – for both real and virtual events

Events are a great source of fresh new leads. They provide true permission-based marketing, bringing potential buyers directly to you. The type of event, however, varies significantly. For example, you may be inviting accountants to talk about tax legislation changes or targeting estate agencies to advise on conveyancing law changes. Alternatively, you may have secured […]

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Putting your message in their pocket: the future of web marketing

Catherine Bailey represents Bar Marketing Marketing is becoming ever more vital in the race to win new clients and retain existing ones. Whether you are a law firm or chambers you are seeing your marketplace evolve at an unprecedented rate. New entrants are streaming in and new ways of working are becoming standard practice. You […]

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Promoting your chambers

Spending money on promotion for your chambers is often seen as a massive punt, a huge risk, a pure gamble. But it needn’t be that way. It’s all about measuring your return on investment, and understanding that for success to be had, the investments needs to be planned, budgeted for and delivered via integrated marketing […]

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