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Chris Davidson and David Kerr

Chris Davidson and David Kerr are Directors at Moore Legal Technology.

It’s all about the first impression. For most potential clients, your website is your shopfront. Does it belong on Oxford street or skid row? This guide will help you find out.

Step 1 – Google your firm

The first step is to search for your firm in Google (I’m sure you don’t need a step-by-step on this!) both on your laptop or desktop PC and on a mobile device. If you have a tablet and a smartphone, then search from both devices as rankings and user experience can be very different from device to device. This lets you see how your site is presenting to users when they search for you. While we’re probably well used to seeing this page and thus take certain elements of it for granted, however many elements can be manipulated to a certain extent. The effect of this is to create a more favourable impression in the mind of potential clients.

What do you need do to generate more profitable business through your firm’s website?

In terms of generating business online, content is no longer king, it’s the kingdom. While the other online marketing activities that your in-house marketing team should be carrying out on an ongoing basis remain important (keeping your social profiles alive, electronic direct mail etc), regularly updated, high quality, unique content that is relevant to your service offering and of interest to your target audience is an increasingly potent weapon when it comes to driving traffic and conversions.

It is this content that will help you engage with current and potential clients and turn your website into an easily accessible portal of thought leadership and opinion.