Author: Dick Jennings

Website terms – longer than Hamlet

The iPad is clean, beautiful, simple. So intuitive that there’s no book of instructions. It’s everything that Apple stands for. It’s the embodiment of Steve Jobs’ fierce belief that Apple products should uncompromisingly give the most perfect user experience possible. Even the packaging it comes in is a feat of design. Even the website ”¦ […]

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Discussion groups online – where is everyone?

I like the LinkedIn group for the Law Society Gazette. It’s a forum for lively debate between solicitors of every background and point of view, about any legal practice-related issues they feel like airing. It attracts, mostly, genuinely interesting and useful contributions. There’s never been anything quite like it (the letters page of the Gazette […]

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I’ve been virtual for ages!

A response to the article on virtual firms in the last issue of the Newsletter Is it a good idea to label one’s firm as “virtual”? To be honest I try to disguise my virtualness rather than boast of it. I suspect there are a large number of other firms which are virtual, but which […]

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