Author: Mindy Gofton

Mindy Gofton is Head of Marketing Strategy & Innovation at I-COM in Manchester, a full service online marketing agency specialising in web design and digital marketing for the legal industry.

Chatbots for customer service


Does your law firm find call handling a challenge? Do you sometimes find yourself losing out on leads because your fee earners do not have enough time to follow up on enquiries? Many solicitors struggle to find the time to respond effectively to new enquiries while still managing their workloads, especially when many of these enquiries involve people looking for free advice or asking the same questions day in and day out.

In addition, clients and prospective clients expect to be able to contact their solicitor through a variety of methods ranging from phone and email, but also via social media, live chat on websites and even SMS. So not only do law firms need constantly to work to ensure that their call handling and sales processes run smoothly, they also need to field queries on an ever-growing range of platforms from both current clients and potential new business in order to capture all opportunities.

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Do you need SEO or digital marketing?

Digital Marketing Efforts

One of the most difficult aspects of my job is helping people outside of the digital marketing industry understand the way search has changed over time and convincing them that when they come to us asking for “SEO”, now what they really need is digital marketing.

It’s not that people do not understand, at a basic level, what it is that we do; it’s more that what constitutes SEO has itself changed, as search engines have developed and become more sophisticated and as the online environment itself has matured. People’s understanding of SEO remains slightly behind the rapidly-changing search marketing environment.

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Social media monitoring

Social media monitoring is the act of tracking when a certain word or phrase gets mentioned on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

People use the internet regularly to look for recommendations and to express their opinions about the products and services they use. In addition, search engines have begun to use sentiment analysis to understand where businesses have delivered a particularly good level of service and to promote their pages within search results. As a result, it is extremely important – and increasingly possible – to be aware of what is being said about your business. Furthermore, by becoming part of the conversation about your brand, you can help to guide the tone and vastly improve how regularly people mention you and how positive they are when they do so.

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Adapting websites for mobile devices

As the number of people who own smartphones and tablets rises astronomically, law firms should be thinking about implementing a mobile site, creating an app or at least ensuring that their web site is responsive. If they do not, they risk frustrating users and losing valuable business.

Recent studies have shown that more and more people are using a variety of devices to browse the internet and that they’re using specific devices at specific times of the day, eg a smartphone during their commute or a tablet in the evening.

Google has also indicated that it will be giving priority to mobile-enabled sites in search results delivered to smartphone and tablet devices, thus ensuring that users see the most useful set of results.

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Keeping your website up to date

It’s not just being found on search engines that’s important; it’s being found near the top of the search engine results pages. And even getting to the top of Google doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get additional enquiries; you also need a website that encourages searchers to get in touch.

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