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Rosalind English

Rosalind English co-edits the UK Human Rights Blog and undertakes comparative and public law research for members of chambers at 1 Crown Office Row.


UK Human Rights Blog arrived on the scene in 2010, when Adam Wagner of 1 Crown Office Row took over Chambers’ longstanding Human Rights Update website. He turned it into an interactive news-based platform and broadened not only its readership but also the range of contributors. It rapidly engaged a wide following, from law students and other legal practitioners, to journalists and editors and members of public alike.

When Members at One Crown Office Row (1COR) first discussed setting up a Human Rights Website in 1997, what everybody had in mind was something that ran along the lines of a university law syllabus, with private law categories on one side, tort, contract, equity and so on; and public law on the other, with courses on constitutional, administrative and human rights law. It seemed fairly simple; human rights legislation was still in its infancy and the jurisprudence was safely confined to judicial review.