Articles filed under BAILII and other LIIs

Open law is the idea that public legal information should be freely available to everyone to access, use and republish. The current position in the UK differs completely as between legislation and case law.

It is ironic that BAILII, which came into being to free the law, has been called out recently for restricting access to the law.

In November 2010 BAILII’s Tenth Anniversary passed quietly by. This article reviews achievements over those ten years and notes BAILII’s current Appeal for Funding.

Recent developments on BAILII and the LLIs include OpenLaw, LawCite, the English Reports and more.

The Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) of the United States Law Library of Congress is now searchable via the World Legal Information Institute.

The networking of free-access Legal Information Institutes (LIIs) has resulted in a network of 15 LIIs providing free access to over 700 databases from 95 countries. Through the largest portal to the network, the World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII), all 700+ databases can be searched simultaneously. The number of databases in the network is growing by about 100 per year at present.

Significant developments in 2006 covered in this article include the Statute Law Database, growth and a new look for BAILII, a redesign of the Europa site, an OFT report on public sector information and substantial growth and development of blogs and wikis. Predictions for 2007 focus largely on so-called “social software”.