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Facebook flexes its muscles down under

Australia announced its News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code in 2020. The aim of the code is to force specified digital platforms (currently Google and Facebook) to pay news media outlets (notably the Murdoch press) in respect of any links hosted on these platforms which point to news content. At first this may […]

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The Digital Services Act: changing the rules of business

The latest policy initiative to come out of the European Union towards the provision and regulation of digital services in the market place is the Digital Services Act (DSA) and its sister piece of legislation – the Digital Markets Act (DMA) – which seeks to build upon , expand and evolve the reach of the […]

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What we learned about the internet in 2017 (1): Big Tech

It’s already past the season for annual predictions which have become a staple of the legal tech media. Generally these predictions rely heavily on the direction taken by technologies in the last year, so I thought it would be more fruitful to look at what we collectively learned in 2017, without any added crystal ball-gazing. […]

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