Law firm publications

Typography for Lawyers

Typography for Lawyers by Matthew Butterick is now in its second edition. With this book the author – a typographer turned lawyer – has performed a service for lawyers that no-one else has done for other professions. Go on, Google “typography for” and see what you come up with. You have to be a lawyer […]

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Content is king but curation wears the crown

Back in 1977, the Nobel-winning economist Herbert Simon warned about the dangers of a looming information-rich world in which “a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention”. Another variation of this warning is “we are data rich but information poor” – or as my old Granny used to say, “You can’t see the wood […]

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Mining the value of law firm publications

There are thousands of law firms in the world and many differences between them. However, there is something that unites them all ”” publications and client updates. These publications market a firm’s expertise and knowledge to clients and potential clients. In pre-internet days, these were all hardcopy publications but the internet has changed all this. […]

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