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Middle Temple Library and computerMiddle Temple is one of the four Inns of Court responsible for calling students to the Bar. It is a modern institution with ancient foundations, and this can be handily demonstrated by how the Library has grappled with new technology over the centuries, leading us into the internet Age. A library has existed at Middle Temple since at least the time of Henry VIII, although this was eventually emptied by members as the doors always remained unlocked. It was in 1641, at the bequest of Robert Ashley, that a library at Middle Temple was re-established. From then on the Library has continued to grow, and today houses over 250,000 volumes, encompassing the whole range of British, Irish, EU and US legal research resources.

Following is a selection of some of the most important library resources available to lawyers in the UK. These resources are drawn from my “Legal Sites and resources for Lawyers” section at and all links are available there. Note that descriptions of free case law resources and current awareness resources are not included in this article but can be found separately on my site at and as well as information on legal publishers at

BIALL is an independent and self-supporting body representing the interests of legal information professionals, documentalists and other suppliers of legal literature and reference materials in the UK and Ireland. BIALL organises regular training events, publishes a quarterly journal and runs an Annual Conference. Practical support and advice is given through a number of schemes run by committees, by its publications and through a series of special interest groups. This article is about the BIALL Solos group.