Legal services

5 lesser known reasons to use a solicitor

Many of us can go much of our adult lives without requiring a solicitor – or so we might think. In fact, there are plenty of areas where solicitors offer an invaluable line of support and practical guidance – one which many of us stand to benefit from. Read more below. To witness documents In […]

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When good advice turns bad: finding a reputable lawyer

Navigating legal issues can be a tricky, and at times nerve-wracking, experience. Legal experts like lawyers and mediators are among the most trusted professionals in the country, and the majority of the time help to protect the public from injustice. However, as with any industry, the quality of service provided can vary hugely from lawyer […]

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Unmet needs for legal services: 2014 LSB report

Legal software company Redbrick Solutions, who have created popular and successful legal management and accounting software for law firms, have made an infographic, based on information from the Legal Services Board report created by Professor Pascoe Pleasence and Dr. Nigel J. Balmer, looking at the gap in the legal market and how people’s legal needs, […]

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