Author: Alistair King

With an academic background in engineering, Alistair King has spent most of his professional life in book publishing, journalism and electronic legal publishing. The marketing manager at Justis Publishing, where he has worked since 2007, he has learnt about the law, technology and legal research on the job, and has interviewed scores of practitioners and librarians over the years.

A new standard in legal research

Whether in print, on CD-ROM or on the internet, case law in one form or another has been around for generations, but the essential methods of using it haven’t changed that much over the centuries. Backed up by legislation where it exists, we predominantly continue to rely on official law reports, regardless of the methods […]

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The new JustCite citator

JustCite, the multijurisdictional citator from Justis, has been rebuilt from the ground up, with the new version released in December 2010. More recently it has been enhanced to incorporate details of barristers in England and Wales, cross-linked to their cases. But perhaps the biggest shift is that now the first page of JustCite results is […]

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JustCite ”” an umbrella index of the law

In the early 1990s Justis Publishing provided electronic access to the Law Reports, Weekly Law Reports and other series. The first to do so, it still supplies online cases and legislation on its full-text Justis legal library. But the company saw how an aspect of Justis could be expanded into a new service: one that […]

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