Author: Colin Yeo

Colin Yeo is a specialist immigration barrister based at Garden Court Chambers in London. He has been practising since 2001 and founded and edits the popular and influential Free Movement immigration law blog.

My Social Media: Colin Yeo

Hands on keyboard

This is the second in a series by lawyers on how they use social media for professional and personal development. Ed.

Social media is a blessing and a curse for those, like me, who use it frequently. The benefits of using social media well are considerable in terms of profile, influence and attracting work. Those that make the best use of social media clearly enjoy doing so, and that enjoyment and their character shine through in their updates. Enjoyment can be found in pontificating to an audience, participating in a community, the immediacy of social media, the (false) sense of omniscience, the serendipity of discovery and in the humour that pervades Twitter in particular.

The problem is that to do social media well is time consuming and requires either or both a natural facility and/or laser focus. If done badly, social media can cause serious and irreparable reputational damage. The more real danger, though, is that done badly social media is a colossal waste of time that could be far better spent.

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Free Movement

Free Movement began in 2007. The strapline is that it offers updates and commentary on immigration and asylum law but it also includes a lot of editorial, policy and media comment and has a definite campaigning feel to it.

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