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David Gilroy

David Gilroy is Sales and Marketing Director for Conscious Solutions and is one of the founders of the company. He has personally worked with over 250 law firms on their digital marketing strategies including social media, SEO, PPC and CRM.


I first wrote on this subject for the Newsletter in early 2013. My views have changed quite a lot in the four years since then.

I believe we’ve seen that big is not always better, that well run, customer-focused, local law firms can survive and that trying to roll up 200 separate law firms under a new, national pink and black logo and name does not mean instant success for any of the firms involved.

So, who (or what) should law firms be afraid of, in 2017?

We have certainly seen the development of some big bad wolves in 2012. Perhaps “afraid” isn’t the right word, but who are the threats? Of the new breed of legal services providers, who should law firms be paying attention to?

In this article I offer some views on several wolves who are definitely worth watching. Many of these were represented at the Legal Futures conference in London which I attended last November. There was so much information given out by the presenters at that conference that it was almost like a one day MBA in how to develop your law firm.

In this issue, the increasing importance of video on law firm websites and the biggest digital marketing mistake most law firms still make.

This article is intended as a step-by-step guide to optimising your website from a Search Engine Optimisation point of view (SEO) – in other words, how to be “found” by the major search engines and given a good position in the results page.

With a packaged intranet you purchase the car, on the road ready to drive, fitted out with full accessories and features. Other vendors supply the build it approach. They give you the engine parts, the wheels and the panels and you are expected to put it together to create a car.

The BBC’s is 9 out of 10, Google’s is 9 out of 10, Parliament and are 8 out of 10, really big and important firms like Clifford Chance and Eversheds are (respectively) 7 and 6 out of 10, Delia Venables’ and Nick Holmes’ sites are both 6 out of 10, significant regional firms are 5 out of 10 and most High Street firms are between 2 and 4. We’re talking here about Google PageRank, not a school test.