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It was only a matter of time before Google turned its attention to the law – and we now have Legal Opinions on Google Scholar which opens up access to full text legal opinions from US federal and state district, appellate and supreme courts and via a Cited By feature links to other cases and articles on Google Scholar that cite them.

CaseCheck is a Web 2.0 service providing an extensive collection of case summaries. Initially focussed on Scots law, it has now substantially expanded its coverage and extended its borders with the addition of over 4,000 case summaries from England, Wales and the EU from the archives of Law Brief Update.

CaseCheck is a free, fully searchable, online archive of continually updated Scottish Court and EAT Case summaries. Built upon an open source blogging platform the content for the site is user generated and archive is composed of a back catalogue of previously issued email newsletters. However, the site is also designed to be a platform to give lawyers, barristers and experts a stage on which to demonstrate their expertise by summarising and commenting on developments and court decisions that the legal community needs to keep up to date with.