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Advice from the MD of Inpractice UK on coping with the current crisis, with insights from several other PMS suppliers.

The impact of Covid-19 is being felt by all of us to varying degrees. People should work from home if they can but that may not be possible yet for everyone in your practice. As many of you will be doing this already, there is advice here to help refine that experience. Also, on the different set of challenges that everyone will face now to maintain a healthy working environment for people not used to working from home in relative isolation.

My partner and I decided, some four years ago, to move to Morocco. That move was completed this year and my home is now in Marrakech. I anticipated early retirement from the Bar but the reality is that I have been able to continue to practice very much as I had done previously before selling our house in the England. Such a possibility would have been no more that a distant dream without the benefit of technology and a supportive clerking system from my chambers, St Johns Buildings, in Manchester.