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Comparing website proposals can be rather like comparing apples with pears. What questions should you ask and how do you know whether the quotes you receive are directly comparable?

It’s not just being found on search engines that’s important; it’s being found near the top of the search engine results pages. And even getting to the top of Google doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get additional enquiries; you also need a website that encourages searchers to get in touch.

In the last issue, we discussed the pros and cons of setting up specialised websites. After that article, I received comments from two providers of specialised content who believe that they can help a firm keep their website up to date without undue effort or indeed cost. Here are their contributions, together with comments which I requested and obtained from some of the users of their respective services.

On the internet, things are not always as they seem. A typical website is not necessarily 100 per cent hosted in one place – when you go to the site, content is likely to download to your browser from a number of sources: images from one host, videos from another host, feeds from many hosts, and so on.

What is the best way to get good fee-earners’ profiles onto your firm’s website? Most clients like learn something about their solicitor. Search engines will also lead a prospective client looking for a particular solicitor, to your website via the profile.