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Brian Inkster

Brian Inkster is the founder of Inksters Solicitors. He was winner of the Managing Partner/Team of the Year award at the Law Awards of Scotland 2014. He blogs on the Past, Present and Future Practice of Law at The Time Blawg.

On 23 March 2020, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced a strict lockdown due to Covid-19 that immediately affected many businesses throughout the UK, including law firms.

His announcement was that you should only leave home to go to work “where this is absolutely necessary and cannot be done from home”.

Most lawyers took the message to mean that they should shut their offices and work from home.

Of course, we could all see it coming and many law firms, like my own, had already been transitioning to work from home during the course of the previous week.

At Inksters we perhaps did not have to adapt as much as some law firms did.

There is often an assumption made that young lawyers (Millennials) entering the profession have the technology skills that my generation (Generation X) and the one that went before me (Baby Boomers) lack. A life brought up with a smartphone in hand equips them to tackle legal technology in a law office standing on their head. Or does it?


ReInvent Law London 2014 took place on 20 June. This was its third London outing. It appeared first in 2012 as Law Tech Camp and was renamed ReInvent Law for 2013. I have attended all three and gave a presentation at this year’s event.

My new Microsoft Surface RT was delivered on 31 October 2012. Not since I was a young boy opening the box to a Dragon computer or a BBC Micro had I so anticipated owning a new computer. (I never got a Sinclair ZX Spectrum or a Commodore 64.)

In August my firm, Inksters, moved all of our IT systems into the cloud. This includes our email, word processing, client record management, case management and all cashroom functions. We have done so via Denovo Business Intelligence using their Intelligent Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

Inksters is based in Glasgow but carries out legal work throughout Scotland and in particular in Shetland. But Inksters website stands out – with many innovative features. And they’re into Twitter too.