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The new Outcomes Focused Regulations (OFR), increased competition in the legal services market and the changes in the way potential clients look for legal advice are all factors that should be encouraging law firms to spend some time looking at how their client feedback works and exploring how they can act on and use this feedback to the maximum.

Catherine Bailey represents Bar Marketing

Marketing is becoming ever more vital in the race to win new clients and retain existing ones. Whether you are a law firm or chambers you are seeing your marketplace evolve at an unprecedented rate. New entrants are streaming in and new ways of working are becoming standard practice. You need to be more responsive in your marketing or you will be left behind and your practice may wither. Sounds dramatic, but it’s actually reality.

This issue’s two ebiz topics are: Should you recruit your own marketing person or use an agency? and Blending online and offline marketing

Spending money on promotion for your chambers is often seen as a massive punt, a huge risk, a pure gamble. But it needn’t be that way. It’s all about measuring your return on investment, and understanding that for success to be had, the investments needs to be planned, budgeted for and delivered via integrated marketing campaigns.

In this issue, the increasing importance of video on law firm websites and the biggest digital marketing mistake most law firms still make.

In the last issue, Shireen Smith explained why she thinks that giving free legal advice to attract clients is a bad idea. I emailed around 30 of the firms who have at one time or another told me that they are willing to give free initial legal advice by email or phone. I would not claim that this was a scientific survey, and I have to say that most people did not respond at all, but the answers I did receive are very interesting.

Delia Venables asks Craig Holt about how the QualitySolicitors brand is getting on.

This issue: the personal injury referral fee ban and attracting online enquiries

The SCLR has produced filmed material to support first year students especially those being introduced to legal materials and sources of law. The most celebrated and influential of all Scottish cases, Donoghue v Stevenson proved a useful hook for a story to be built.

Mike Blackburn represents I-COM

Firms that can apply the traditional business development skills they have honed over the years to the new market, using the internet as their route to market, will be successful; they simply need to develop a different way of thinking.

The legal profession is awash with talk about brands and branding. It is accepted wisdom that firms should “build their brand” or join in a “legal brand”. My own view is that it is very difficult to build a professional service brand for an advisory service.

The Connect2Law network for law firms was established in 2001 by Pannone LLP. There is no cost to membership and the primary benefit was to offer member firms the ability to service their clients in areas of law they didn’t undertake themselves by referring them to Pannone.