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LawyerLocator is the online version of the long established Butterworths Law Directory and Scottish Law Directory now offered by LexisNexis. The print directories are fully indexed and provide a comprehensive directory of UK solicitors, law firms and barristers in private practice, commerce, local government and public authorities. aims to be a consumer facing legal brand created by joining together a national franchised network of law firms providing branded legal services.

There can be very few solicitors unaware of the arrival of the QualitySolicitors brand on the legal landscape. With strong colours, launch parties, and snazzy advertising, they have made an immediate impact on the High Street.

In December 2007 I finally decided I knew enough about my chosen field to open up my own firm, Driving Defences LLP. My partner, Philip Trotter, and I, opened the door and waited for the work to flow in. I made my website as good as I could, plastered my phone number all over it and waited for the telephone to ring. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Legallybetter opened for business in January 2009 to provide a quick and reliable way to compare solicitors and then find a solicitor, for private individuals and for businesses.

TakeLegalAdvice was apparently the first law firm comparison service in the UK legal market. The aim was to give consumers information and choice on the law and law firms which, at that time, was not a well established concept. Mark and Mary felt the arrival of the Legal Services Act would irrevocably change the legal marketplace and would force law firms to rethink how they serviced the market. Law firms felt threatened by the internet and did not necessarily see the potential. Also, there was a tendency to think that work coming by way of the internet would be of lesser quality than traditional ways of attracting business.

When was the last time you reached for phone book when you needed a hotel, a florist, or indeed a solicitor? We’re much more likely to reach for Google than the Yellow Pages, and “Local Search” is about how the internet presents geo-targeted information about your business, including location maps, customer reviews and detailed information about your services.

In this series on referral companies, I have so far looked at Quality Solicitors, a very new player run by a barrister for solicitors, and Contact Law, a non-solicitor run organisation which started in 2005. LawNet is very different from both of these. Started in 1989 by Simon Maddox, a visionary solicitor in Birmingham, it was formed as a way for firms to collaborate on issues such as training and the sharing of knowledge.

In the second article in her series on referral sites Tessa looks at Contact Law, big players in the solicitors referral field.

“I would like to make it clear” said Craig Holt, barrister, founder and CEO of Quality Solicitors “that this is not just a referral company, providing leads to solicitors. It is much more than that.” Right. So what is it then?

When Bing Crosby sang “You’ve got to accentuate the positive/and eliminate the negative” back in 1944, he probably wasn’t thinking about the internet and promoting business reputation. But at its simplest, those two ideas are the underlying principles behind managing your online reputation, and moreover, they’re intrinsically linked. You can either be proactive in promoting your business online, or you can sit back and hope none of the hundreds of millions of people online have made negative comments about your business.

This article looks at how to plan your email campaigns, how to choose a provider, how to compare costs and measure success.