Precedents for Lawyers

Law publisher services

All law publishers now offer precedent services online, though the types of service offered vary considerably. Here are some of the leading services. Contact the publishers directly for further details.

Thomson Reuters: Sweet & Maxwell Precedents online with Westlaw UK
Sweet & Maxwell Precedents titles are now becoming available on Westlaw, including: Practical Commercial Precedents, Commercial Property Precedents, Employment Precedents, Trust Precedents, Will Precedents.

Thomson Reuters: Sweet & Maxwell Precedents on Lawtel
Offer a quick way of drafting and assembling documents using Rapidocs. Many precedents documents are supported by helpful drafting guides that contain expert guidance and commentary. Titles available include Commercial, Commercial Property, Employment, Trusts, Wills.

LexisNexis: LexisSmart Precedents
An extensive series of over 300 precedents across a range of Practice Areas, including Corporate, Dispute Resolution, Employment, Environment, Family, In-House, Local Government, Private Client, Property; links to expert guidance and commentary in LexisPSL from every precedent

Jordans: Online Services
Precedents are incorporated into relevant online services, including Family, Company Secretarial

Documents for Businesses

Many lawyers also use the services featured in our Documents for Businesses section.