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We live in a world of facial recognition, genome sequencing, and automatic fraud detection. You can talk to your phone out loud have it translate your words into any language you like. Your car can drive itself (almost …).

That is to say – the machines are getting clever. Very clever indeed. Tasks previously thought to require human intelligence and intervention are being automated at a spellbinding pace. Businesses, governments and academic institutions around the world are seeing operations turned on their head with better algorithms, more computing power and more data. Whether you think that’s exciting or terrifying, what isn’t up for discussion is that it’s inevitable.

Firm Central Cloud

How cloud-hosted software solutions can help small law firms

Cloud-based software and storage are enabling businesses large and small to access client records, analytical tools, legal records, documents, online research and other critical information easily and from anywhere. Cloud-based solutions can do so without cumbersome log-ins or costly investments in on-site software, hardware or the physical space needed to store it. This is helping law firms of all sizes accomplish more at less cost.

Angelo RilloBased in Enfield, AVRillo is a family-run practice specialising in Conveyancing. The firm, established in 1989, is still setting the standards within the legal sector with its multi award-winning services. In addition to being an Investors in Business winner and a Sunday Times Award winner, AVRillo’s reputation for quality and expertise has been rewarded by the Law Society, which has granted the company the prestigious “Quality Conveyancing” accreditation, as well as the “Legal Excellence” award.

Angelo Piccirillo, Partner and Co-founder of AVRillo, explains his choice of Practice Management Software.

There is one ingredient that can greatly change the pathways in the journey of people’s lives more than any other. A closer look at this ingredient could result in two strangers discovering they are brothers and sisters, reunite children with long lost parents or it could potentially shatter an existing relationship through broken trust.

Its secrets can be solidifying or destructive in equal measures, depending on the context of what it reveals. But ultimately, people just want the truth, as soon as possible.

This ingredient is DNA, which each and every person walking the planet possesses. When analysed it can have life altering implications way beyond our physical attributes and instincts locked within the genetic code.

DPS Software have launched a new web-based practice management system for law firms incorporating team and personal target management tools as well as all the benefits of the DPS case management software. It allows fee earners to record time, create attendance notes, dictate against a file, create emails from tasks and view their file history from any location with Internet access.

Auto Enrolment

The clock is ticking for UK employers who haven’t yet gone live with auto enrolment workplace pensions. We’ve almost reached the second quarter of 2015 and 2017’s the final enrolment deadline.

With nearly 200 fixed penalty notices reported to have been issued by pensions watchdog, The Pensions Regulator, in the last quarter of 2014, well over 1,000 warnings given out in the same period and 1.2 million employers due to stage over the next 2 years, now’s the time to act.

However, if you’re battling to get to grips with auto enrolment (and we wouldn’t be surprised; it hasn’t been labelled ”˜the biggest shake up of pension reform for a generation’ for nothing!), there’s never been a better time to outsource the increasingly burdensome payroll function.

“You’re bound to say that!” we hear you shout. And, yes, we agree with you. As an outsourced service supplier, it’s in our best interests to promote outsourcing at every opportunity.

But, we anticipate some scepticism which is why we’ve helpfully compiled a compelling list of five good reasons in our attempt to convince you that we’re not being entirely selfish. We’re actually doing our bit to help you cope with mandatory pensions reform and avoid costly financial penalties or irreversible reputational damage.

So, without further delay, let the five reasons begin”¦

Small law firms have a significant competitive advantage – you can get things done! Large law firms like any large organisation have complex systems and layers of management. They are complicated. Small firms are not.

Despite conventional wisdom, technology use in small law firms is typically more sophisticated than in large law firms for one reason; most large firms charge on a time basis with large corporate clients. Inefficiency is rewarded. Small law firms may and should charge on a time basis, but their clients are you and me. Hyper-price-sensitive people.

To do well, a large firm needs to record a lot of time.

To do well, a small firm needs to be super-efficient.

You need great technology.

An exciting new undergraduate level legal apprenticeship has been introduced for people who want to work in law or are already working in a legal environment and want to progress.

Apprenticeships have recently been introduced into the legal sector, both in line with government plans and as a means of keeping up with a very dynamic sector. They currently offer an alternative entry point into the sector and it is intended that they will eventually provide a complete route to qualification as a lawyer.

Today most consumers go online to find legal help. So naturally, a firm’s website is now at the heart of most legal marketing strategies. FindLaw UK, a legal solution from Thomson Reuters, take this opportunity to share some key strategies for online success.

In a market which is increasingly competitive, probate practitioners need to arm themselves with the best tools to help them complete the job, quickly and efficiently. In a deregulated arena, new players are entering the scene, offering cheaper services and forcing a rethink from many who may have been working in the field for years.

Julian Bryan represents Quill Pinpoint

Some of the most successfully run practices are introducing outsourcing as a core component of their business strategy. In direct response to regulatory changes in the profession and competitive movements in the legal marketplace, law firms are increasingly adopting a businesslike management approach, resulting in offloading back office functions, such as cashiering and payroll, becoming increasingly popular amongst business-savvy service providers.

Through outsourcing, firms cease to perform the function in house with their own resources. Instead, they instruct an outsourcing company with notable expertise in the business area to perform the task on their behalf. Outsourced support is usually charged on a variable costs model (more on this later) which adjusts to the peaks and troughs in demand for services, which is proven to be the lowest cost option.

As reliance on the internet becomes ever more prevalent and Google is considered to be more of an authority on all matters than ever before, reaching the upper echelons of search engine rankings is of paramount importance to legal firms.

The competition is high but the attractive Google real estate is extremely limited so implementing a successful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign is very necessary to attract online interest. If your legal firm does not have the same level of marketing budget as the big boys then ranking well for popular key terms such as “London Solicitor” or “Compensation Specialists” may not be possible.

This is where long tail search terms come in handy as there is often not the same level of competition as the shorter, more popular key terms but they are still effective in directing the relevant traffic that may lead to enquiries.